For Employers

Are you struggling to find reliable people with the right skills to perform tasks that are essential to business operations? Companies large and small are faced with a perfect storm of:

  • Constant pressure to improve productivity and efficiency
  • Tight budgets and shrinking in-house human resources

  • Complex, quickly evolving staffing needs

  •  Heightened customer expectations.

Kaye Personnel does more than help you overcome the challenges created by today’s volatile business environment. We offer a fresh perspective on staffing that allows you to improve how you do business and become more profitable.

Kaye Personnel provides short-term, long-term, contract and direct hire staffing for PROFESSIONAL SERVICES and COMMERCIAL STAFFING, as well as our comprehensive, onsite WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT solution.

More than a staffing company, our clients consider us a trusted business partner who ensures that workforce strategies are aligned with business strategies. By applying our proven process for getting to the root of staffing challenges and developing customized solutions, we can remove the time-consuming, complex task of recruitment from your plate. This allows your team to focus on tasks that drive business growth.

We combine the structure of a proven process with the willingness to adapt to suit our clients’ evolving needs. This allows us to quickly solve staffing problems with flexible, innovative solutions.

  • The first step is to gather information. What is the issue? What problems
are being caused by this issue? What is your desired outcome? Next, we visit your facility. We need to understand your business operations and culture. We need to see where and why the issue exists so we can deliver the best possible solution.
  • Once we fully understand your specific needs, we create a customized action plan for maximizing your investment in human capital. Upon approval, we manage the recruitment process, from job descriptions and interviews to drug testing and background checks.
  • After a candidate has
been chosen, we provide the employee with a customized orientation so they know the details of the job before they arrive for work at your facility. Our goal is to help people hit the ground running while minimizing onsite training requirements.

We continue to collaborate with you to monitor your new employee’s progress. If there are any bumps along the way, we’ll address those issues as quickly as possible. Our management and support teams are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our clients pay for performance, not promises. If you’re unhappy with the talent we provide, call us within the first four hours. We’ll arrange for a replacement, and you’ll pay no fee for the first candidate. That’s the Kaye Personnel Satisfaction Guarantee.