Accident/ Injury Procedure

The following steps are guidelines to be taken when an accident occurs at your work location involving a Kaye Personnel employee that has been assigned to work for your company.

  1. NOTIFY the Kaye Personnel Branch during normal business hours or email [email protected].

To speak to someone after hours regarding the incident, please call 856-630-1400.
Please have the following information available:

  • Kaye Personnel’s employee’s name
  • Date and time of incident
  • Injury description (how did injury occur, what body part was affected, was anyone else involved, was any machinery involved)
  • List all witnesses

If the injury is acute and requiring immediate medical care, please call 911 and have them go to the nearest emergency room.


Strains, sprains, bruises and minor lacerations. These are not life threatening and do not warrant an EMS response or emergency room care. Please contact Kaye Personnel before sending the injured employee out for care. The Branch office will direct the employee to the nearest approved medical facility for treatment.

 View Approved Medical Facilities


We ask our Client to provide us with an accident report. We also ask that our clients cooperate in our investigation.

 View Accident Report