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The past few months were quite busy for us at South Jersey Biz, as we spent hours researching businesses from all over the region, as well as counting your votes for our annual Best of Biz−and your voices were heard. From banking, construction, law firms and real estate to education, engineering, IT Support and staffing agencies to name a few, we listed companies that are not only the best at what they do, they are trustworthy and respected in their fields.

Be more Productive…Instantly!

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Be more Productive…Instantly!

By: Dan Robey

Imagine how your life would improve if you were instantly more productive.

You could get more done at the office every day and maybe earn a promotion, or make more money as a result of your ability to produce more sales.

Whether you are a sales person, a CEO, or a housewife, being more productive every day can dramatically improve your life.

OK, right now you are probably saying…sounds great, how can I be instantly more productive?

It’s really quite simple. To be instantly more productive you need to acquire a new habit called the 4-D habit.

What is the 4-D habit?
The 4-D habit increases your productivity instantly by helping you prioritize daily tasks and get more done in a shorter period of time.

Here is how it works.

Each day we are all faced with new tasks that must be acted upon. Your boss calls you and asks you to prepare a sales report, your child calls and asks you to help him or her with a difficult school project, your husband wants you to find a better deal on car insurance.

How you act upon the tasks you are presented with each day determines how productive you will be. Make it a habit to apply the 4-D’s as listed below to each task.

Number One
Do it now – take immediate action, perform the task right away.

Number Two
Dump it Now – this task is simply not important enough for your time. Dump it and move on.

Number Three
Delegate It – this task can be performed by someone else, give that person or persons the task. Many people make the mistake of trying to perform all the tasks they are given. The ability to properly delegate is what turns managers into CEO’s.

Number Four
Defer the Task – This task must be done by you, but it can wait. Use the free time you have gained by not performing this task right away and perform other high priority tasks instead.

Get in the habit of applying the 4-D decision making tool to every task prese
nted to you and watch your productivity soar!


Author Bio
Dan Robey is the author of the Best-Selling book “The Power of Positive Habits” now published in 22 countries worldwide. There are dozens and dozens of scientifically researched postive habits that can change your life in Dan’s book. To learn more and subscribe to a complementary e-course on Positive Habits go to:

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8 Common Recruiting Mistakes made by Security Companies

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8 Common Recruiting Mistakes made by Security Companies

Recruiting in the Security Industry is an extremely difficult task. Security Companies often compound these problems by making these 8 common mistakes:

Not posting accurate and clear job descriptions.

Companies tend to make the job description sound more exciting then it actually is, or leave it vague in an attempt to attract more applicants. This strategy may attract more people, but they are typically people you do not want. You could go through the entire hiring process only to have the employee find out the actual job is not what he or she believed it was. Instead post a clear and detailed description of the job functions. This will prescreen out applicants who do not want to perform the specific job and help limit new employee turnover.

Not posting a list of job qualifications.

If you need a specific license or degree to perform the job function then that needs to be posted with the job description. This will force unqualified applicants to screen themselves out. Too many managers waste time sorting through applicants who do not meet the basic qualifications. Don’t be one of them!

Hiring “warm bodies.”

Some companies become desperate and hire candidates simply because they can fog a mirror. While this may be an effective short-term solution, over the long term it is detrimental to the company and its image. Instead time should be taken to find the right person. If your company does not have a contingency plan for times you may be short employees make one now!

Not conducting reference checks.

It is shocking how many Security Companies do not pick up the phone and do basic reference and employment checks on candidates. This is standard procedure in many other fields. So much can be gained from making this simple effort. The Security Industry is full of job hoppers who continually follow the same pattern. Reference checks are an easy way to find out if your candidate has left previous jobs on good or bad terms. If you find that there is a history of upset employers, steer clear of the potential problem.

Not having shift supervisors meet candidates.

If you are a Hiring Manager chances are you will not be working directly with the person you are interviewing. Security Companies will hire individuals without getting the direct Supervisor’s input. This is a recipe for disaster. If the Supervisor is properly trained have that person conduct his or her own interview. If not, have them sit in while you conduct one. Their input could be invaluable, and if they feel like they cannot work with the individual, you just saved yourself a potential headache.

Hiring someone just because they have performed the job before.

This is a big one in the security industry. Managers want to hire employees who have been in the business and done the job before. This limits the amount of creativity and new ideas that are brought to the workplace. In addition, supervisors must help the employee unlearn all of the bad habits that he or she has picked up along the way. Experience could be a plus but make sure it is not the sole reason a candidate is hired.

Hire someone who is just like you.

It is easy to hire someone who is just like you. However, will the company benefit from having your clones running around everywhere? Diversity is the key. Companies need individuals with different strengths and expertise to flourish. Remember if everyone you hire is the same they will all share the same weaknesses!

Looking for Superman.

Superman is the ultimate employee. Who doesn’t want to have someone work for them who is faster then a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Plus heat vision is pretty cool too. However, real people have real limitations. If you set the bar too high you will never be able to fill the available position. Instead look for the right person for the right job. The Man of Steel has too many people to save!

Author Bio
Chris Shilling has vast experience in the Security and Business Management fields. He and his partner currently operate the recruitment website

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Personal Pluses That Ace A Job Interview

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Personal Pluses That Ace A Job Interview

By: Joel Vance

As the business world has become more competitive for the shrinking markets available to them, companies have shifted their focus from hiring the most educated or experienced graduate, to hiring those employees with personal pluses as well as the job skills.

Right now, you may be in an entry-level job, gaining experience and hoping to work your way up. This is also the time (if you haven’t learned them while growing up), to develop your people skills as well. Because these tend to be the “soft” sell features that make candidates stand out at an interview.

Promptness is one attribute that employers appreciate. It doesn’t come naturally, but it doesn’t take a great deal of work to acquire either. A little planning, or putting thought into your daily routines and habits, mean you are not only on time for work, but for outside activities as well.

Personality also goes a long way, when an employer is considering equally qualified candidates. Do you enjoy your work? Have you had good experiences with previous employers? If not, don’t make those incidents a focus during your interview. Instead, highlight the positive aspects of past jobs, and how they have helped to make you suited for the position related to the interview. And don’t ooze friendliness. Leave that to your puppy at home. Interviewers can spot a phony as soon as they show their orthodontist’s handiwork. Be your natural, sincere self. Your real personality will show through, and sometimes will count for more than the degree on your graduation certificate.

People skills are now being considered one of the most valuable assets that any employee can have, no matter what their role. It’s not just the customer service part of the job that counts, but how well you function as part of a team, and part of what may be a small, and highly motivated company where there can be periods of intense and concentrated work that tests both your professional skills and your temper. Having an even “keel”, and knowing how to deal with those who don’t, is a talent that will follow you from job to job, in written recommendations, and in how you present yourself at an interview.

With the number of people seeking work, either as new graduates or recently laid off employees, you need to put not only your best foot forward, but your best “self”. A company can go to any institute and hire a person trained to a particular skill. What they are really looking for when they grant interviews, is someone with the technical skills and personality pluses.

Author Bio
Joel Vance is an Human Resources expert who has been in HR for 17 years and interviewed 3,159 people. He has also taught at 4 major universities around the country and currently has a best selling book on interviewing entitled The Perfect Interview at

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